What is Paperless?

Customs House’s Paperless Systemร

Paperless system is Customs House’s system declare on August 1, 2006, for customs clearance process without the use of paper documents. Intended for Export Declaration and Goods Control List, Import Declaration still does require customs clearance from EDI system.
Paperless system also covers customs processes other than export and import declaration such as
  • Submission of Goods Control List, upgraded from E-Container on EDI.
  • Submission of E-Manifest.
  • Submission of E-Payment.
  • Exporter.
  • Shipping agent, Customs Broker.
  • Service Counter.
Paperless Benefit
  • Reduce documents needs for customs clearance such as attachment.
  • Prepare for other systems integration due to Paperless is the foundation to other essential systems.
  • Reduce and facilitate trader because they can electronically sign on monitor and submit to customs house, or in the case broker unwilling to sign, they can transmit declaration to the exporter to sign electronically.
  • Information is more secured due to digital signature is required before every transmission and then encrypted. Customs house is the sole authority to open and read it.