What is Freight Forwarder?

Freight Forwarder
Service business organizes as an agent for exporter and importer. Provides a full range of services such as freight booking, loading, shipping, customs clearance for import and export and preparation of export and import documents. Freight Forwarder services are


  • Customs Broker: agent organizes sender and receiver of goods.
  • Forwarding Business: international transportation management agent for exporter and importer.
  • Transportation Provider: transporter by air, sea and rail.
  • Packing: packing services.
  • Labour: loading labour and worker supply.
  • Multimodal Transport: combined means transport.
  • Logistics Service: logistics administration or distribution service.
  • Business Consultant: export and import consultation service.

Normally, international freight forwarder handles transportation from departure to destination for client with an exception when client willing to handle themselves. Freight forwarder may handle some process themselves or outsource to another service provider. This means freight forwarder needs broad web of connection inside and outside their country to support client needs as much as they can. Revolving fund is also necessary.