Our services

Power Link Shipping and Service Co., Ltd. is a total international logistic services, carry out consulting regarding goods import or export, import or export shipping by land, sea and air coordination, including import or export customs clearance, receipt or shipping goods to destination to meet diverse client’s needs and fulfill highest client’s needs.

 1. Customs Services (Customs Clearance) Regarding Goods Import-Export.

  • Shipping by sea and air, both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL).
  • Customs clearance service for goods importation and goods exportation from agencies such as FDA Thailand, TISI, Royal Forest Department, Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries and related agencies to certify goods import-export. Advance tariff ruling for optimum tariff by checking HS Code in Customs Tariff Bureau.
  • Implemented EDI system connects to customs houses for convenient services.
  • Customs Incentive Schemes service, tax and duty compensation, refund.
  • Duty Drawback under section 19 bis.
  • Validate, advice, revise The Certificate of Origin Form Free Trade Agreement.
  • Form Certificate of Origin documentation services (Form A, Form D, Form E, Form JTEPA, Form AK, etc.) and certify C/O at embassy.
  • Tax payment in customs house, receive tax cashier’s cheque from importer or transfer to company’s account for electronic tax payment (E-payment).

2. Overseas Goods Import and Export Consultation Service.

  • Import and export planning from departure to destination by consulting Customs Incentive Schemes.
  • Export financial advising for SME.
  • Exportation from Japan advising service, coordinated assist by native speaker and warehouse directly, as well as Door to Door delivery.

3. Domestic Transportations, locals shipping.

Outbound goods from company/factory to port. Inbound goods from port to company/factory.

  • Nationwide 20’FT, 40’FT, REEFER container transportation and service both inbound-outbound (Klong Toey, Ladkrabang, Laem Chabang, etc.).
  • All kinds of truck services (semi-tractor, 4 wheeler box, 6 wheeler box, 10 wheeler box).
  • Use satellite-based navigation system (GPS) for tracking each freight car route.
  • Use computer system for transportation management.
  • Shipping insurance cover on damaged or lost goods in container from accident while shipping.
  • Consultation and advising on shipping fee.


4. Freight Booking for International Shipping (Transportations For International Trade).

Sea/air shipping services – shipping service by sea, both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Than Container Load (LCL) for import and export.

  • Door to Door services through our agents across 50 companies worldwide.
  • One Stop Services with Customs Clearance for import and export, including domestic transportation.
  • Consulting on sea/air shipping.


5. Storehouse/Warehouse Renting.

Storing or unloading container preparing for shipping to clients (location: Bang Bua Thong).

6. Client’s Monthly Summary Report for Goods Import/Export.