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What is Shipping?

Shipping means Importer and exporter agent arrange customs clearance in the name of importer and exporter who is the owner of goods, file and submit clearance to customs officer at customs house to check and transfer imported goods from overseas to importer or send to exporter overseas. Agent handles documentation via bank, customs clearance, and […]

What is Paperless?

Customs House’s Paperless Systemร Paperless system is Customs House’s system declare on August 1, 2006, for customs clearance process without the use of paper documents. Intended for Export Declaration and Goods Control List, Import Declaration still does require customs clearance from EDI system. Paperless system also covers customs processes other than export and import declaration […]

What is Freight Forwarder?

Freight Forwarder Service business organizes as an agent for exporter and importer. Provides a full range of services such as freight booking, loading, shipping, customs clearance for import and export and preparation of export and import documents. Freight Forwarder services are   Customs Broker: agent organizes sender and receiver of goods. Forwarding Business: international transportation […]

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Prohibited and Restricted Items Prohibited Goods: goods for which either the import into or export out of Thailand are prohibited by laws. Obscene objects in form of book, drawing, prints, painting, literature, pictures, advertisement, signs, photos and pornographic videos and other pornographic materials. Goods with Thai national flag. Narcotics. Fake currency, bonds, or coins. Fake […]

Importing Used/Secondhand Household Effects

Importing Used/Secondhand Household Effects Returning Thai residents who have been abroad for one year or longer, for the purposes other than touring are eligible to bring in household effects acquired abroad free of taxes and duties. In addition, nonresidents changing their residence to Thailand may import the household effects subject to the conditions stated below […]

Import-Export Declaration and Clearance Process

Import-Export Declaration and Clearance Process Import Declaration and Clearance Process 1. Transmission and/or Submission of a Declaration: Complete an Import Declaration and transmit it to the Customs. A shipping company/customs broker has to forward a ship arrival report, and manifest to the e-Customs system. If there is no error, the e-Customs system’s response message is […]

Goods Importation-Exportation Documents

Goods Importation-Exportation Documents Goods Importation Documents. Import Declaration. Bill of Lading (B/L) or Air Waybill. Invoice. Packing List. Import License (if applicable). Certificates of Origin (if applicable, in case of tax reduction wish). Other relevant documents such as catalog, product ingredients, etc. Goods Exportation Documents. Export Declaration. Invoice. Export License or any other relevant documents […]

Free Trade Area (FTA)

FTA, stands for Free Trade Area, is an international agreements between 2 countries (bilateral) or several countries (multilateral) cooperate to reduce trade barriers, both tariffs related and non-related. 1. Free Trade Area Background The idea of free trade policy is a country would produce commodities they are specialize in at lower production cost so to […]

Customs Incentive Schemes

Tax Compensation Tax compensation is one of the government measures to lower the production cost of goods for exportation to boost their worldwide competitiveness against foreign products both at international and domestic levels. The compensation has to be complied with the criteria and conditions as prescribed by the Tax and Duty Compensation of Exported Goods […]

ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)

ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) ASEAN is an association of South East Asian Nations. Original member consist of 6 countries that are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and later 4 new member countries that are Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Original 6 member countries had got to reduce tariffs band on all products […]