Powerlink Shipping and Service

Total Customs Solutions

Provide total international logistic services. Import / Export, customs clearance and shipping.

Professional services with responsibility, honesty and sincerity for clients by proficient and experienced personnel. Fulfill highest client’s satisfaction.

Why us?

3 reasons why you do need us.

1. Deliver quality, efficient, effective and punctual services to clients for your highest satisfaction.

2. Personnel readiness using information technology for internal affairs administration (E-office). We cooperate with customs houses to implement E-customs technology and take into account logistic infrastructure innovation to assist outstanding customer service.

3. Service with honesty and good relation with clients and company associates.

Our services

Power Link Shipping and Service Co., Ltd. is a total international logistic services, carry out consulting regarding goods import or export, import or export shipping by land, sea and air coordination, including import or export customs clearance, receipt or shipping goods to destination to meet diverse client needs and fulfill highest client’s needs.